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Hyundai / Genesis / Kia TAU V8 (5.0 / 4.6) Tuning guide

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Platform that has no aftermarket, questions that we see asked over and over again:

How to tune Hyundai Genesis 4.6, How to tune Hyundai Genesis 5.0, How to tune BH Genesis, How to tune Genesis DH, Tuning availability for TAU 5.0, Tunes for Hyundai Genesis 4.6, what are tuning options for Rspec 5.0, where to tune my 4.6 Genesis, what are power mods available for Genesis 5.0?

I've put in effort to gather valuable information and provide it to you for free. In this post, you'll find links to products on Amazon. Please note that these are affiliate links, and if you make a purchase through them, I may earn a small commission. This comes at no extra cost to you and helps support the maintenance of this blog. Your trust is important to me, and I want to be transparent about any potential affiliations. Thank you for your support!

In this Blog we will be covering Tuning, performance modification options for TAU V8 5.0 and 4.6 Engines which can be found in following cars:

5.0 Tau GDi G8BE

4.6 Tau MPi G8BA

Now as long as we made it clear that KIA, Genesis, Hyundai share same engines we can move forward to its modifications, whatever modification will be listed down below will apply to all models listed above which share same V8 TAU engine (unless indicated model specific)

You just got your your 50k mile Kia or 120k mile Equus or 190k mile Genesis Rspec before you start chasing for power increase those are first and improtant things to do!


a lot of people unfortunately ignore this part at all and think that as long as car does not throw errors or does not have check engine light it means car needs nothing - no it is not true

every car regardless of age, milage, color and frequency of driving REQUIRES MAINTENANCE!

which includes:

NOTICE: Ignoring maintenance will result in poor engine performance or engine failure!

Every 100k miles those engines (like any other) require timing chain / guide replacement

Now, once we are done with basic maintenance we can move to interesting part "how to make Genesis Faster" or "how to improve Kia K900 performance" or "how to make Hyundai Equus more responsive without pedal commander" anyways lets move to modifications part!

Those cars / engines come pretty restricted from factory as all of them are business class cars and are oriented more on comfort than high performance, most restrictive factor is small diameter exhaust with four catalityc converters in system. As mentioned above THERE IS NO AFTERMARKET for this platform so owners have to improvize and DIY things such as cold air intake, exhaust etc.

here is list of recommended package mods (ONLY AFTER MAINTENANCE) to make your V8 powered Genesis, Kia or Hyundai resposnive, stronger, faster.

NOTICE: as long as today internet loves talking "stages" "fbo's" and other bull *** i will explain down below what each "stage" consists of:

STAGE 1 (First level of tuning without hardware upgrades)

STAGE 1+ (First level of tuning with minor hardware upgrades)

STAGE 2 (Second level of tuning, requires catless exhaust and hardware upgrades)


STAGE 2+ (Second level of tuning, requires upgraded headers, exhaust and hardware upgrades)

I (GEPTuned) offer FULL E85 Tuning currently for 5.0 models which does NOT require any hardware upgrades in fuel system! Tested and proven to work amazing on BH, DH, K900, EQUUS models equipped with 5.0 Engine.

Yet i have not had request to develop E85 tune for 4.6 models, so if you are interested in E85 conversion for your 4.6 i will be more than happy to help.

you probably noticed that i never mentioned Pedal commander in modifications list - yep thats righ, with GEP ECU Tune you dont need pedal commander or any additional device as i develop custom calibration where throttle responsiveness is adjusted according to customers choice.

Before moving forwared id like to give you guys a little bit of information about my expertise in Tuning field: 17+ years I (GEPTuned) provide custom tuning services for customers (cars / bikes / trucks), which means that I create unique and custom tailored code for each individual vehicle rather than using a general map for a particular model. This ensures that the tuning is optimized for the specific conditions and modifications of the vehicle, maximizing performance while staying within safe limits. Other companies often provide only off-the-shelf maps, which may not be as effective or safe. I develop software for Engine / Transmission management myself for each customer and performance improvementwise i can go as far as conditions will allow in safety range! I personally own a shop with mustang AWD dyno in Georgia, Tbilisi where all my magic and development is happening, i am first and ONLY one in the world who offers full E85 Tuning for 5.0 powered Genesis sedans / kia k900 / Equus.

Tuning Option Brake down:

  • ECU / TCU Tuning (ECU - Engine Control Unit, TCU - Transmission Control Unit)

  1. Maximizing Power and Torque: ECU tuning allows for adjustments to fuel and ignition timing, Torque limiters, variable cam timing, fuel presure and hundreds of parameters, optimizing the engine's power delivery. This means more horsepower and torque, providing a noticeable boost in overall performance and improving engine dynamics.

  2. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Fine-tuning the ECU can lead to more efficient combustion, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. It's a win-win situation – more power without sacrificing fuel economy.

  3. Customization for Your Driving Style: Every driver is unique, and our ECU tuning enables customization to match your preferred driving style. Whether you crave a sportier response or a smoother ride, tuning allows you to tailor your Genesis Sedan's performance to suit your preferences.

  4. Enhanced Throttle Response: our ECU calibration can sharpen throttle response up to your choice of level, reducing lag and providing a more immediate reaction to your input. This can make your driving experience more engaging and dynamic.

  5. Adapting to Performance Modifications: If you've made aftermarket upgrades like air intakes or exhaust systems, we ensure that your engine management system is optimized to work seamlessly with these modifications, maximizing their effectiveness.

  6. Burble/Pops for the Ultimate Soundtrack: Our ECU tuning goes beyond power gains; it's about enhancing the entire driving experience. Choose your style with burble and pops on deceleration – a symphony of engine notes tailored to your liking. Whether you prefer a soft purr, a mild crackle, or a wild explosions, the choice is yours. Set the RPM range where your Genesis Sedan makes its distinctive noise, turning heads with every downshift.

  7. Catless Header Coding for a Clean Ride: Upgrade your exhaust without the headaches. our custom ECU calibration offers coding for catless headers, ensuring your Genesis Sedan runs smoothly without triggering warning lights or errors due to the modified exhaust system. Say goodbye to unwanted dashboard lights and hello to a clean, upgraded ride.

  8. Unleash Limitless Speed: Break free from constraints with speed limit adjustments. Our ECU tuning allows you to go as fast as you desire on your favorite race track. Say goodbye to 120mph factory limit

  9. Fuel Flexibility for Varied Performance: we develop calibration to your fuel preferences. Whether you opt for 91, 93, or E85, the power output varies accordingly. Customize your Genesis Sedan's performance based on the fuel available, ensuring optimal power delivery and efficiency for every driving situation.

  10. Transmission Tuning for Seamless Shifting: Elevate your driving experience with our transmission tuning software. Enjoy crisper shifting, adjusted torque limiters, and optimized oil pressure. For enthusiasts seeking a manual touch, we offer a real manual mode option, providing full control over the transmission as if you were driving a manual transmission vehicle.

  11. Engine Cooling Settings for Peak Performance: Take charge of your engine's cooling with customizable FAN settings. Choose between Performance or Track mode while we are developing your custom tune, tailoring the cooling settings to match your driving environment. Keep your engine running at optimal temperatures, ensuring consistent performance whether you're on the street or pushing the limits on the track.

  • Differential upgrade

  • Nitrous (NOS)

  • Brembo Brake Upgrade

  • Traction Controll Disable Module

  • IAT Sensor Relocation Kit

  • Transmission Oil Cooler

  • Engine Oil Cooler

  • Headers / Long Tube Headers

  • Custom Exhaust

  • Cold Air Intake (CAI)

  • Grounds

I hope this information was helpful, later on i will be adding more useful stuff.


Q: How much power will my car make

A: every car is individual and i offer custom tune for each vehicle which means i can go as far as conditions will allow but still in safety range, best bet is to rent a dyno and we can see it.

Q: I want to see numbers

A: If car A makes X amount of power it does not mean car B will make same, a lot depends on conditions so power output always varies.

Q: Will tuning listed above hurt my engine?

A: Tuning listed above does NOT hurt, improper usage of car, abuse and lack of maintenance kills engine. so be mindful

Q: Will ECU Tune mess up my ECU? A: GEP ECU calibration does NOT mess up anything, like mentioned above, every GEP tune is custom tailored for each vehicle, i can not give a comment about any other companys or individuals work tho - sorry.

Q: Will my ECU fail after tuning?

A: Genesis 5.0 / 4.6 ECUs are well known to fail for no reason, this is is common issue and ECU tuning has nothing to do with this occasion. so there is no warranty about that as ECU hardware remains the same before or after tuning.

Q: Will GEP ECU Tune work with other company TCU Tune? A: GEP ECU Tune requires GEP TCU Tune in order to work properly, mixing one company ECU tune with other company TCU Tune may result in Transmission or engine malfunction due to mismatch in parameters.

Q: My ECU Fail, car does not start, what shell i do?

A: I (GEPTuned) offer ECU cloning service where i can clone data from your faulty ECU to replacement unit that you can provide or we can source, please check link for more information and pricing:

Q: Will Burble (Pops) hurt my engine?

A: Anything can hurt your engine if used excessively, too much usage / abuse of Burble Tune or Pop and Bang can cause damage to CAT (Catalistyc Converter) or to exhaust manifold or cause engine to overheat if used Burble mod gentle there is nothing to worry about (as long as it is done professionals like us) if it was Harmful AMG, BMW would not include this mod as standard feature of newer generation cars. for more about burble tune you can read our blog post here

Q: Is there any warranty that tuning will not hurt my car?

A: Tuning does not hurt engine, user error does! If you are looking for warranty, buy new car from dealership and stick to dealer warranty, tuning is not for you.

Q: Can my car throw flames from exhaust?

A: Yes with our wild burble mod car can throw flames as long as exhaust setup is right, with catted exhaust expecting to throw flames is like expecting scream loud with mouth shut.

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