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Hyundai Genesis R-Spec 5.0 Transmission TCU Tune

Hyundai Genesis R-Spec 5.0 Transmission TCU Tune


GEP TCU Tune for Hyundai Genesis 5.0 8 Speed Transmission is the perfect solution to unlock the full potential of your engine and deliver full power to the ground. It is designed to allow transmission hold more power and shift firmly, and works exclusively in tandem with our GEP ECU Tune. With this tune, you can expect to get adjusted line pressure to extend transmission life, adjusted shift points and a real manual mode with no upshift in M mode (up to your choice), as well as get rpm limiter adjusted according to your diff ratio and hardware mods.

  • Suitable for:

    • 11–14 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 V8 R-spec GDi
    • 15-16 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 V8 GDi
    • 11–15 Hyundai Equus (VI) 5.0 V8 GDi
    • 12–16 Kia K9 5.0 V8 GDi
    • 12–16 Kia K900 5.0 V8 GDi
  • Requirements:

    • You need to provide your existing TCU for tuning
    • Replacement unit can be provided at additional cost
  • Available Tuning Options

    • Mail in your ECU / TCU for Tuning (Turnaround next business day )
    • In-person ECU / TCU Tune  (Travel expenses will be applied)
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