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Dont miss a chance to save more than $300 on ECU Calibration or Burble Tune or any other service while GEPTuned is near by your area! as you will not need to order special adapter / cable or tool to get your car tuned inperson!

@GEPTuned will be in Florida from 8th January till 14th February

(Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando) In case of high demand we will travel to your area as well! simply let your friends know and we will schedule our trip to your area!

So use this chance to get our services to get your car tuned for performance improvement, dynamic improvement, burble or even DTC code delete to pass your inspection (in area where it applies), any kind of service is possible even for a Diesel cars we offer services such as: Elimination of Ecology systems from Engine control management: DPF, EGR, Adblue, Bluetec and much more. Did your diesel car got DPF clogged and went into limp mode? Did your Adblue pump let go and car went into limp mode? say no more! we will fix that for you!

For inquiries email or DM us on social media about your car and your request! We will get back to you asap with quote so all you will have to do is simply fill booking application form on our website, book your spot and wait till we come and take care of your car!

Customers running Chevrolet, JEEP, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW that are looking for my Burble or Performance tune, you guys don't miss this opportunity to get my services and Save 300$+ on a tune as long as you will not have to order Adapter for your car!

same applies to Toyota, KIA, Hyundai owners!

Youtube: Gelashvili Performance See you in Florida!

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