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ECU Cloning / Coding to VIN / Virgin ECU

ECU Cloning / Coding to VIN / Virgin ECU


We offer ECU Cloning and coding service for various platforms

NOTE: Before ordering this product consult with us!

  • Requirements:

    • You will have to place order here, send us your original and replacement ECU units
    • We will clone / code / patch your ECU and  send it back within 48 hours once stock package is received.
    • for inquiries mail can be sent to

    NOTE: Product is for offroad use only! We give no warranty or take any responsibility if you get into any trouble with law.

  • What will you get:

    You can choose one of your prefered services

    ✅ ECU Cloning service (move original data to replacement unit)
    ✅ ECU Virginizing (make used unit virgin again to code new immo)
    ✅ ECU Coding for Vehicle VIN

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