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What is needed to get our Burble Tune on your Chevy, Ford or Chrysler?

Updated: Mar 13

Hello, thank you for your interest!

To get our burble or performance tune for your Chevrolet (Camaro, Corvette or any other) or Ford (Mustang, Focus, Fiesta, or any other) or Dodge or Jeep.

You need to have: HPtuners MPVI2 or MPVI3 Adapter and windows based laptop.

Once you have it we can remote tune your car, make it burble or increase performance and improve drivability.

If you don’t have adapter yet, go to: and order it now (here is exac link to a product: ), except adapter you will need to get two or four (depends on model and year) credits for your car

Credits allow you to license your engine control unit and get ability to work on it.

You can check how many credits does your car need on Hptuners web site / Vehicles section.

Once you have it all we can go from there.

Process is very simple,

  1. You install adapter on laptop,

  2. Install Hptuners VCM Suite software,

  3. Read current flash from car and send to us

  4. We will apply modifications and once payment clears we will send a file back that you are gonna write to the car.

About our pricing, We charge:

Starting at 350$ for burble tune (when we do it remotely!)

Starting at 350$ for performance tune (when we do it remotely!)

Please note that price does NOT include adapter or credit purchase.

If you need support with installation or reading we can provide it at additional cost (50$)!

We work all around the world, no matter where you are.

Payment by paypal only through our website

Check products section to find Burble Tune or Performance Tune suitable for your car!

(but remember, you still have to send us your current flash readout) We do not support tuning via SCT or Diablo, ONLY HPTuners!

Side notes before you place order:

1) For a burble tune we recommend to have catless exhaust!

2) Product is for offroad use only!

3) It is completely your responsibility and you take it at your own risk if something ever goes wrong some day with a car for any reason.

4) we take 0 responsibility if you get in trouble with police or with neighbors

5) Burble tune does not hurt engine unless you keep popping / bagning continiously without giving engine some rest. (like Engine rev limiter, it is there and not harmful for engine right? but if u keep hitting rev limiter for a long you may end up damaging your engine, same here! modern cars come with burble tune from factory!)

6) If you want to see some flames you need to have catless exhaust and free flow muffler delete exhaust! ALL CATS (primaries and secondaries) should be removed!

7) Burble tune does not gain any power it is for decel pop sound only!

8) If you would like to get Burble and Performance together you simply order them both and we will apply both to your current flash.

9) Burble tune can be applied to your current Performance tune from other shop.

10) we work with HPTuners MPVI1 or MPVI2 adapters only we dont work with Ngauge, SCT, Diablo etc.

If you have any questions feel free to ask

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Would this work on any vehicle or just certain high end performance vehicle? does the vehicle have to be manual or automatic?

George Gelashvili
George Gelashvili
Feb 06, 2023
Replying to

We can work with any car, no matter is it stock or modified, race car or daily driven one. For more details write us DM and tell us more about your vehicle.

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