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What is needed to get our Burble Tune on your Chevy, Ford or Chrysler?

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Hello, thank you for your interest!

To get our burble or performance tune for your Chevrolet (Camaro, Corvette or any other) or Ford (Mustang, Focus, Fiesta, or any other) or Dodge or Jeep.

You need to have: HPtuners MPVI2 or MPVI3 Adapter and windows based laptop.

Once you have it we can remote tune your car, make it burble or increase performance and improve drivability.

If you don’t have adapter yet, go to: and order it now (here is exac link to a product: ), except adapter you will need to get two or four (depends on model and year) credits for your car

Credits allow you to license your engine control unit and get ability to work on it.

You can check how many credits does your car need on Hptuners web site / Vehicles section.

Once you have it all we can go from there.

Process is very simple,

  1. You install adapter on laptop,

  2. Install Hptuners VCM Suite software,

  3. Read current flash from car and send to us

  4. We will apply modifications and once payment clears we will send a file back that you are gonna write to the car.