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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

We are seeking a passionate car enthusiast to join our team on a social media specialist position!


  • Represent GEP in social media

  • Manage day to day activity on Facebook, Instagram.

  • Foster engagement on social media platforms by creating engaging content that is brand focused and resonates with our audience.

  • Plan social media content calendar

  • Use social media analytics and results to inform future content planning

  • Respond direct messages 24/7 on Facebook and Instagram

  • Respond to comments on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

  • Participate in QA as needed on the social media

  • Schedule appointments with customers

  • Edit and prepare posters for social media or events

Must have communication skills - The ability to write clearly, succinctly and understandably. The ability to effectively communicate and relate well to all kinds of people. Treats all people with respect, courtesy and consideration; respects differences in the attitudes and perspectives of others; listens, observes and strives to gain an understanding of others.

  • Must be a car enthusiast!

  • Some automotive mechanical / DIY knowledge is a plus

  • Speak Georgian (Native)

  • Speak English (Fluent)

  • Speak Russian is a plus

  • Proficiency using a personal computer and comfort learning new software programs

  • Strong attention to detail and spelling/grammar skills

  • Experience with google calendar

  • Experience with google analytics or similar is a plus

  • Experience with HTML and web layout software is a plus.

  • Experience in marketing, copyright, Blogging is a plus.


Send an email to us with the following information:

  • your CV / short introduction

  • your work, project, achievement that you are proud of

  • Your expectation about salary

Imagine you are hired, and you are responsible for content filling and audience growth

  • What would you change in our current social media

  • Propose 5 Catchy topics for our social media content

  • Propose 5 Bloggers or companies for purchasing advertisement on their pages/accounts which audience you feel could be interested in our products

Contact email address:

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