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Remote Tuning


GEPTuned has been remote tuning cars all over the world for more than 12 years already

Remote Tuning is the way of ecu tuning done in 3 easy steps when the tuner is no where near the vehicle.

No matter where car is located around the world we can tune it as long as you have access to internet and laptop


Step 1: you read current flash (tune) from your ECU and send us via e-mail or messenger or upload form on product page.

Step 2: we will modify maps in your file to suite your mod list and send it back via e-mail or messanger

Step 3: you will flash new tune back to ECU and enjoy.

For Custom tune we still need your current flash (tune) file to be uploaded / sent to us. will email you a conservative “basemap” to start your datalogging from. A basemap is a safe starting point your specific vehicle and modification set, datalogging is done through the specific software / device under specific conditions including idle, part throttle cruising and wide open throttle (WOT) pulls.

Note * depends on car / ECU we will instruct how datalogging or flashing should be done.

​WHAT DOES IT REQUIRE TO READ / WRITE FLASH (TUNE) IN ECU? First of all to start Remote tuning process (Ecu tuning) you need to have flashing tool that supports your vehicle, there is no single magic tool that suites all kind of cars!

There are tools that cover many cars / platforms but there is no such tool that covers all!

first of all for remote tuning or in-person tuning or dyno tuning we highly recommend to use Authentic tools from authorised suppliers! this ensures your safety and high quality of work!

BUT! there are beginners or individuals that simply do not want to go big with investment and would like to start from something small so there are tools that cover single type of engine control management or there are clone tools that cover many different cars. all you need to know is what brand / model car do you have and recommended to figure out what type / model ECU is it running so it will make life easier while looking for a tool. For remote tuning most of our customers (individuals) use Kess V2 5.017 for Cars up to 2010 it covers a lot so if there is somebody that is looking for BMW E60 550 N62 Burble Tune, we recommend to get KESS in order to read and write flash in ECU.

while doing Remote Tune (Remote Tuning, email tune, remote flashing) for newer generation 2010+ BMWs for example, TGFlash is that i would recommend to use, as it is affordable and does its job perfect it works with BMW Enet cable, Tactrix Openport 2.0, Scanmatic Pro. For Remote Tuning or Dyno tuning 2010+ Mercedes Petrol cars that run turbo engines i would recommend to use PCMFlash with its supportive module with Tactrix Openport 2.0 Adapter. this is very affordable tool for flashing and pretty much covers a lot of other platforms, especially Japanese cars as well as VAG, Mercedes. Basically when we do remote tuning for our customers all over the world they use PCMFlash for MED17 (MEVD17) ECU bench / OBD / Boot flashing with Scanmatik Pro.

For shops that are looking forward to invest into a good tools we recommend to have some of those tools purchased:

  • Magicmotorsport Flex (Full)

  • Alientech Kess

  • Alientech Ktag

  • Dimsport New Genius

  • Dimsport Trasdata

  • B-flash

  • Autotuner

  • CMD Flash

  • MPPS

  • PCMFlash

  • TGFlash

  • MMC Flasher

  • Bitbox

  • Tactrix Openport 2.0

  • Scanmatik Pro 2.0

For your information we have them all and even more! sometimes while doing ECU Tuning one tool can not work with some specific car and you need another but they both claim that this particular car is supported.


as long as there is possibility on customer's end to read / write / datalog car we can remote tune practically any platform will it be on stock ecu or standalone we can handle it all. Does not matter is it Petrol or Diesel based, is it stock or heavily modified simply just

send us question for detailed information regarding specific vehicle in "CONTACT" section so we will get you covered.


Nowdays a lot of shops own chassis dyno, have all kind of tools for mechanical works, have all kind of tools for Flashing (Reading or Writing) tune in ECU (Engine Control Unit) BUT they do not have enough knowledge or experience to Tune vehicles on their own, so here is where Remote Tuning comes into play! It is always a good idea to let professionals do their job rather learn on customers vehicle! GEPTuned supports thousands of individuals, hundreds of shops all around the world on daily bases! We tune for you will it be Remote Tuning, Dyno Tuning, Road Tuning or simply reflash we offer all kind of solutions that we developed within many years of hard work and testings on our Mustang Dyno. It makes life easier for shop to start business with basic knowledge and with our work attract potential customers with high quality work and top results! We highly recommend avoid cheap tuning offers because cheap never means good! you get what you pay for and risk by your name if something goes wrong with customers vehicle after flashing! especially when it is remote tuning!

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