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Remote Tuning


GEPTuned has been remote tuning cars all over the world for more than 12 years already

Remote Tuning is the way of ecu tuning done in 3 easy steps when the tuner is no where near the vehicle.

No matter where car is located around the world we can tune it as long as you have access to internet and laptop


Step 1: you read current flash (tune) from your ECU and send us via e-mail or messenger or upload form on product page.

Step 2: we will modify maps in your file to suite your mod list and send it back via e-mail or messanger

Step 3: you will flash new tune back to ECU and enjoy.

For Custom tune we still need your current flash (tune) file to be uploaded / sent to us. will email you a conservative “basemap” to start your datalogging from. A basemap is a safe starting point your specific vehicle and modification set, datalogging is done through the specific software / device under specific conditions including idle, part throttle cruising and wide open throttle (WOT) pulls.

Note * depends on car / ECU we will instruct how datalogging or flashing should be done.

​WHAT DOES IT REQUIRE TO READ / WRITE FLASH (TUNE) IN ECU? First of all to start Remote tuning process (Ecu tuning) you need to have flashing tool that supports your vehicle, there is no single magic tool that suites all kind of cars!

There are tools that cover many cars / platforms but there is no such tool that covers all!