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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.5D Stage 1 Tune 89663-60A34

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.5D Stage 1 Tune 89663-60A34

$750.00 Regular Price
$270.00Sale Price

We offer 2007-2021 Toyota 4.5Diesel D4D 1VD-FTV Stage 1 Performance Tune!

Note: You will receive download link of our inhouse developed ECU Calibration file, make sure part number matches your current software version! 

  • What will you get

    ❌ Disabled EGR
    ✅ Adjusted Boost Maps
    ✅ Adjusted Boost Limiters
    ✅ Adjusted Injection Timing Maps
    ✅ Adjusted Fueling Maps
    ✅ Adjusted Rail Pressure Maps
    ✅ Adjusted Torque Maps
    ✅ Adjusted Torque Limiters
    ✅ Improved Accelerator response
    ✅ Unchanged Fuel consumption at part throttle
    ✅ Increased performance while maintaining optimum reliability
    ✅ +40whp gain over stock
    ✅ +100wnm gain over stock

    Notes: All testings were made on our Mustang Dyno!
    Results may vary from car to car

    The stage 1 software on this vehicle is designed for use with standard components and within tolerances.

    This is classed as our fast road application which is the best all round performance for stock vehicles.

  • What tools are needed!

    As long as you will receive our Dyno developed calibration File you will need to have tools on your end to write calibration in ECU.

    Easiest and most budget friendly option is following:

    once you have Adapter you will need one of following flasher softwares that we think are most budget friendly and work through OBD Diagnostic port:

    There are a lot of other tools that work with those cars such as:

    • Alientech Ktag
    • Magicmotorsport Flex
    • Dimsport Trasdata
    • Toyota Flasher

    but they are pretty expensive and not budget friendly at all.

    Note: ECU Calibration file that we provide is 992Kb

  • Suitable For

    2007-2021 Toyota and Lexus Vehicles with V8 4.5 Diesel D4D 1VD-FTV Engines.


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