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Siemens MSS5x N/A Tune

Siemens MSS5x N/A Tune


Siemens MSS50 MSS52 MSS54 GEP OTS Performance ECU Tune

Here you have opportunity to order performance tune or get minor adjustments in your current one.

Options you have:

  • 155 MPH Speed Limiter Removal
  • RPM Limit adjustments up to 9000rpm
  • O2 Sensor Bypass
  • Air Pump Bypass
  • EWS system delete available for S54
  • DTC Code disable (CAT Efficiency etc)
  • 10-15 HP power increase when Tuned for premium fuel (91US/96Euro)
  • 13-20 HP power increase when Tuned for Super fuel (94US/99Euro)


  • Supercharger Tune
  • Turbo Tune
  • Return Policy

    Returns are not accepted.

  • Product information

    GEP products are for off-road use only

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