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Siemens MS43 Turbo Custom Tune MAF

Siemens MS43 Turbo Custom Tune MAF


Siemens MS43 ECU Turbo MAF Custom Tune

You will get Base map as starting point with further fine tuning.


NOTE: After ordering this product You will need to send us your current full flash readout!


Provided Base map is NOT ment for full throttle racing!

Base map will require adjustment and fine tuning that is included in product!

This is remote ecu tuning service!

  • Return Policy

    • Tune service is non-refundable
    • no returns accepted
  • Features

    • EWS Delete
    • SAP Delete 
    • DISA Delete (Optional)
    • ICV Delete (Optional)
    • Speed limit removed
    • Increased RPM limit 
    • Better throttle response 
    • Ignition timing adjusted
    • Fuel maps adjusted
    • MAF Rescaled
    • VANOS maps adjusted
    • Pop & Bang (Optional)
    • Suitable for M54 or M50 Intake Manifold
  • Suitable For

    • E46 325 / 330i / E39 530i / E53 X5 M54B25/30
    • DOUBLE VANOS engine
    • Siemens MS43 Engine Control Unit
    • Any Firmware version
    • GT30 Turbo or Larger
    • 93 / E85 Fuel
    • HPX PMAS MAF with 3" MAF Housing placed blow through
    • RS4 MAF
    • 40LB - 110LB fuel injectors
    • Upgraded fuel pump
    • Tune will be customized to any setup
    • We will need to know your full mod list!
  • Requirements

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