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Siemens MS4x Tune

Siemens MS4x Tune


Siemens MS41, MS42, MS43, MS45 ECU OTS Tune

Suitable for:

  • E36 E46 330i 328i 325i 320i / E39 523i 528i 530i / E53 X5 M54B30
  • SINGLE and DOUBLE VANOS engine

Power Increase up to:

  • 241 HP 315 Nm for M54B30
  • 201HP and 260 Nm for M54B25 engine
  • Return Policy

    Tunes service is non-refundable

    no returns accepted

  • Features

    ⦁ Improved engine dynamics

    ⦁ Speed limit removed 
    ⦁ Increased RPM limit 
    ⦁ Better throttle response 
    ⦁ Ignition timing adjusted
    ⦁ Fuel maps adjusted

    ⦁ VANOS maps adjusted

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