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Link ECU Tune

Link ECU Tune


Link G4 / Link G4+ GEP Custom Tune

Here you have opportunity to order performance custom tune or get minor adjustments in your current one

Options you have:

  • Base Map for various setup
  • Dual Fuel / Timing Maps
  • Flex Fuel
  • Up to three different Boost maps
  • Safety setup by Oil pressure
  • Safety setup by Fuel pressure
  • Safety setup by AFR
  • Boost by Speed
  • Boost by RPM
  • Launch control setup
  • Antilag setup
  • Gear cut setup


we have tuned cars starting from 100whp up to 1100whp on Link ecu.

This platform is able to support any power levels and achieve any target.

if you can not find suitable for you option here don't worry, just send us message via email or social media so we will take good care of your project. 

  • Return Policy

    Returns are not accepted.

  • Product information

    GEP products are for off-road use only

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