EVO 1 - 9 ECU Tune

EVO 1 - 9 ECU Tune


4G63 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I - IX GEP Performance ECU Tune

Here you have opportunity to order performance custom tune or get minor adjustments in your current one.

Options you have:

  • 155 MPH Speed Limiter Removal
  • RPM Limit adjustments
  • O2 Sensor Bypass
  • EGR Bypass
  • Immobilizer delete (available for EVO7-9)
  • DTC Code disable (CAT Efficiency etc)
  • 25-35 HP Gain when Tuned for premium fuel (91US/96Euro) (Stock car)
  • 40-60 HP Gain when Tuned for Super fuel (94US/99Euro) (Stock car)
  • Custom Tune for boltons
  • Custom Tune for big turbo builds
  • Speed Density tune
  • Launch Control
  • NLTS (Flat foot shift)
  • Switchable maps
  • Boost control


we have tuned cars starting from 250whp up to 800whp on stock ecu and 800+ on standalone ecus.

This platform is able to hold whatever u throw at it as long as your budget can support it.

if you can not find suitable for you option here don't worry, just send us message via email or social media so we will take good care of your project. 

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