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BOSCH 4xx ECU Tune

BOSCH 4xx ECU Tune


BOSCH 402, 403, 404, 413 GEP OTS Performance ECU Tune

Here you have opportunity to order performance tune or get minor adjustments in your current one.

Options you have:

  • 155 MPH Speed Limiter Removal
  • RPM Limit adjustments up to 7800RPM
  • O2 Sensor Bypass
  • VANOS Bypass
  • 7-14 HP power increase when Tuned for premium fuel (91US/96Euro)
  • 15-22 HP power increase when Tuned for Super fuel (94US/99Euro)
  • Supercharger Tune (+$200 available for 413 ECU only)
  • Turbo Tune (+$200 available for 413 ECU only)

NOTE: You will receive file not physical ECU or CHIP

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