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AEM EMS 1 / EMS 2 GEP Custom Tune

Here you have opportunity to order performance custom tune or get minor adjustments in your current one

Options you have:

  • Base Map for various setup
  • Dual Fuel / Timing Maps
  • Flex Fuel
  • Up to three different Boost maps
  • Safety setup by Oil pressure
  • Safety setup by Fuel pressure
  • Safety setup by AFR
  • Boost by Speed
  • Boost by RPM
  • Launch control setup
  • Antilag setup
  • Gear cut setup


we have tuned cars making over 800whp on AEM EMS 1 or 2.

if you can not find suitable for you option here don't worry, just send us message via email or social media so we will take good care of your project. 

  • Return Policy

    Returns are not accepted.

  • Product information

    GEP products are for off-road use only

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